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The Floor Installers team offer premium flooring services in the Sydney region. We undertake projects including elaborate showcase installations, wide oak floors, sanding, polishing and general repairs. View the portfolio to see some examples of our work

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Whether you are planning an ambitious project or something simple, we will work with you to realise your vision. We offer a wide range of installation solutions including: Solid timber floors, engineered (wide) oak floors, floating floors, staircases, decking, parquetry, vinyl planks, skirting boards and timber beading, finishing trims, acoustic systems and moisture barriers. Our specialty suppliers enable us to offer a large selection of materials and finishes to achieve the result you are after. Contact us to discuss your needs in detail.

Sanding & Polishing

Sanding and polishing is great for finishing new floors and also for restoring existing floors to their former glory. Our craftsmen utilise years of experience and the latest equipment to create outstanding results. A large number of finishes are available to suit a range of aesthetic tastes and protective requirements, contact us to discuss your needs.

Restoration & Maintenance

Restoration or repair can add value or simply restore function to a damaged floor (only the most severe cases requiring replacement). We can repair/replace floor boards, joists and bearers, parquetry, stairs and all components of timber flooring.

Proper care and maintenance of your timber flooring can also make a huge difference to both its appearance and longevity. Not sure how best to maintain your flooring? We are happy to offer advice, or simply take care of it for you.

Subfloor Preparation

Subfloor preparation is often overlooked, but contributes to the quality and longevity of the flooring. We are able to provide the following services as needed: Concrete sealing, concrete slab levelling, installation/levelling of battens, plywood and yellow tongue installation, joist repair and installation. Good preparation creates the foundation for a stable and long lasting floor.

Engineered Flooring in Hunters Hill


Floor Installers is a high-level timber wood flooring service provider and pivotal pioneer among Australian wood and timber providers. Known for delivering creative & stylish hardwood items for your engineered flooring needs at the most affordable rates in Hunter Hills.

What makes Floor Installer exceptional is our huge and inventive assembling capacity. We have partnered with some of the country’s leading suppliers. Thus, you can expect a top-quality installation of engineered floorings at Floor Installers. 


Timber is found in abundance in Australia, and so is our image of great engineered timber wood flooring. The wear layer is comparable in appearance to the world’s timber floor materials – just it’s made with our particularly Australian hardwood.

We provide the most wonderful engineered flooring solutions to our customers in Hunter Hills. Due to this, we have been able to sustain a good reputation in the community. Thousands of homeowners and project managers have hired our esteemed services in the past. So, why not follow in their footsteps and book Floor Installers’ services right away?        

What do we mean by Engineered Timber Flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is an arrangement of wood flooring that utilises engineered wood boards produced using various thinner layers of plywood fortified together and covered with a slim top layer of hardwood. Engineered timber floor is a great wood flooring option and can be installed with ease. At the same time timber floors are simple for maintenance. Its functionality practice ranges for a variety of applications and usability.

Engineered timber flooring leverages and disadvantages:

When weighing up the engineered flooring’s advantages and disadvantages, various interesting points need to be considered.

Some of the leverages of engineered wood flooring are as per the following:

  • The multi-ply composite design of engineered timber flooring boards implies that they are structurally stable as a flooring material and less vulnerable to shrinkage and expansion than other wood items.
  • An engineered wood floor is effortless and flexible as far as installation is concerned. In specific conditions, engineered flooring boards can be laid as wooden floors, which can dispose of sticking to the subfloor. In any case, in any event, when gluing is required, it is a basic cycle that is less expensive and simpler than installing a nailed solid timber floor.
  • Engineered flooring is straightforward to clean. It may very well be effectively cleaned down with non-harming floor cleaner, which guarantees great outcomes.
  • It is easy enough for repair and fixtures. The engineered floating floor makes it easy to supplant individual planks, should they become harmed.

Free site visits and quotation

We are consistently glad to come out to your home or business, do a site review and give you a free quotation. We need each task to have an ideal get done with, meriting the time and cash you've spent on choosing it. 

Where essential, we will complete free soggy tests to find out humidity levels in the engineered flooring in Hunter Hills, and suggest proper relief if moisture levels are excessively high, either from primary issues or lingering building moisture. 

Contact Us Today

We point commonly to do site visits inside a couple of days of a request made by the customer, however here and there – and at especially bustling periods – this may reach out to a multi-week lead-time. Regardless, you can be certain that we'll convey a careful and principled examination for your engineered flooring needs in Hunter Hills. 

Call us, or send us an email to book an arrangement with one of our expert crew members. We are always ready to offer you the complete assistance as far as engineered flooring is concerned in Hunter Hills.

Floor Polishing in Woollahra


Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing in Woollahra - Floor Installers:

Sanding and polishing in Woollahra of a varied type of solid timber floors and wooden floors ,is our bread and butter. You can likewise have your existing flooring sanded after it had been previously covered. Whenever it has been rid of previous coverings, we regularly find apt wood hiding underneath. Our floor sanding and polishing in Woollahra ordinarily includes three phases: preparation, sanding and coating with the desired finish.

All our sanding projects are finished with specialised sanding machines, apparatuses, equipment and mechanism, which permits us to work clean and without dust. The areas where we can't reach with enormous machines, for example, edges, corners, and stairs; we sand those areas with a more modest machine at our disposal. Appropriate machines are then used for the final sanding and floor polishing in Woollahra.


All nails protruding over the boards should be punched in, as they can seriously harm the sanding machine. We eliminate the staples or tacks, which were once used to affix past coverings (assuming any), so we lessen the chance of any harm to the floor. Any adhesives will likewise be appropriately taken out as they would inhibit our sanding process. A portion of these adhesives, while still joined, make sanding inconceivable. 

After ensuring the floor was completely arranged, we can begin with the sanding. This completes the sanding and floor polishing preparation process in Woollahra.


The principal sand is finished with a coarse grit paper to eliminate any old product items and to make the floor level flat and even. This is how we lessen the distinctions in height between the boards. The large sanders which are procured are then employed across the grain of the timber. The zones that can't be reached by the enormous sanders are sanded by the apt machinery, utilising a similar grit paper for the remainder of the floor. 

If any filling of knot holes/damages is required, this is where this is typically done. This envisages the floor sanding and polishing proceedings in Woollahra in its truest sense.


We offer and work with numerous product items, to ensure we locate the best and the most reasonable finish that will work for your household with the apt type of wood combined with your preferred floor polishing in Woollahra. Regarding floor coating, many things should be considered, and this is where our expertise and skill are important. We would assist our customers in picking the correct product item in accordance to their preferences and requirements.

There are numerous choices:

These days, there are numerous product items available to opt-out to complete the sanding and floor polishing in Woollahra. You can do so depending upon colours, environment or durability. We work with the best product items available in the market. 


Timber Floor Polishing


  • Sturdiness And Flexibility
  • Abrasion Resistance Capacity
  • Execution In Extreme Weather
  • Low Maintenance

Floorings made from timber wood and polish are exceptionally popular as they offer a range of benefits. Timber wood floorings not only provide you with a beautiful and extravagant look for your home, but they are simple and easy to clean and maintain. Such kind of flooring is more flexible than other types of flooring. Furthermore, it adds a great value and worth to your house as well. For the smooth maintenance of timber wood flooring, all you require is sweep it with a soft broom daily and periodically.

Moreover, clean it with a damp cloth once a week. Wooden flooring tends to develop scratches over a period of time, which makes the flooring dull. However, this can influence the total look of the house. If timber floor polishing is done at least twice a year, it can very well preserve the floor's quality and appearance. The significance of timber floor polishing is essential to both the appeal and the aesthetic worth of your house.

Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation for sanding and floor polishing in Woollahra with our professional experts. You can also request a free quote.


Contact Marcel and the team on 0422 858 974 to discuss your requirements, or use the contact form below