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The Floor Installers team offer premium flooring services in the Sydney region. We undertake projects including elaborate showcase installations, wide oak floors, sanding, polishing and general repairs. View the portfolio to see some examples of our work

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Whether you are planning an ambitious project or something simple, we will work with you to realise your vision. We offer a wide range of installation solutions including: Solid timber floors, engineered (wide) oak floors, floating floors, staircases, decking, parquetry, vinyl planks, skirting boards and timber beading, finishing trims, acoustic systems and moisture barriers. Our specialty suppliers enable us to offer a large selection of materials and finishes to achieve the result you are after. Contact us to discuss your needs in detail.

Sanding & Polishing

Sanding and polishing is great for finishing new floors and also for restoring existing floors to their former glory. Our craftsmen utilise years of experience and the latest equipment to create outstanding results. A large number of finishes are available to suit a range of aesthetic tastes and protective requirements, contact us to discuss your needs.

Restoration & Maintenance

Restoration or repair can add value or simply restore function to a damaged floor (only the most severe cases requiring replacement). We can repair/replace floor boards, joists and bearers, parquetry, stairs and all components of timber flooring.

Proper care and maintenance of your timber flooring can also make a huge difference to both its appearance and longevity. Not sure how best to maintain your flooring? We are happy to offer advice, or simply take care of it for you.

Subfloor Preparation

Subfloor preparation is often overlooked, but contributes to the quality and longevity of the flooring. We are able to provide the following services as needed: Concrete sealing, concrete slab levelling, installation/levelling of battens, plywood and yellow tongue installation, joist repair and installation. Good preparation creates the foundation for a stable and long lasting floor.

Floor Installers in Coogee

Know Us Better - Floor Installers

Floor Installers was incepted with a network of like-minded people to procure the most innovative and eco-friendly products from the leading manufacturers around the world. Our vision is to cover the flooring industry and its limitless possibilities. Our prime focus is to set Floor Installers apart from the competitors and provide substantial value for you, Our Customers.

For more than a decade, the Floor Installers brand name has been corresponding with the highest quality and value in flooring supplies. Our tremendous success in the domain of floor installers has long been dependent on understanding unique needs in Coogee at all levels of their business.

We duly understand and consider and give due care in service delivery which is critical to a successful business venture like ours. We constantly maintain the quickest and most reliable service in the industry.

Why Come to Floor Installers?

Floor Installers is focused on catering to quality products, exceptional service and sharing our design innovations. Our unique approach has earned a commendable reputation and recognition in the flooring industry. Furthermore, our proven track record in serving the customers with the most reliable supply also contributes to our reputation.

  • We tend to align ourselves with the core values of the market trends and leading brands from across the globe in floor installers.
  • We ensure that you are getting the privileged quality products that last longer and perform fullest as per your expectations. Whilst price is always a crucial factor; various other parameters make up the overall value of the product we intend to serve you.
  • Our service delivery is consistently intended to add value to the price consideration at which we manifest our final product outcome. It is not unusual for cheap imported tools to penetrate the market and attract your attention. The quality of the equipment that we cater to is of a durable and ethical nature.
  • We understand that tools should never become a commodity item implying that you must make a one-time investment in your tool’s functionality and delivery. And there is no need to replace the tools you use consistently. A periodical replacement reveals the low nature of the quality of the tools

We value our customer’s time as time is a precious resource of all the resources in nature. Floor Installers have the apt installer in mind when it is the time of sourcing products. We ensure that your time is saved owing to our high-end premium quality and consistent products, which would add a tremendous value to the commodities we provide.

Our Service Delivery:

At Floor Installers, we know that satisfactory customer service is a critical component to a successful project delivery. We focus on consistent maintenance of the quickest and most trustworthy service in the industry, which remains exceptional and remarkable by any of our competitors.

Our Integrity Speaks For Us:

Every service delivery that Floor Installers crack with our customers in Coogee is made so in good faith and with integrity in mind.

Call us today and experience the finest floor installation services in Coogee with Floor Installers. We will provide you with reasonable quotes for every single one of our services. So, hurry up and dial our number at 0422 858 974 today! 


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