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The Floor Installers team offer premium flooring services in the Sydney region. We undertake projects including elaborate showcase installations, wide oak floors, sanding, polishing and general repairs. View the portfolio to see some examples of our work

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Whether you are planning an ambitious project or something simple, we will work with you to realise your vision. We offer a wide range of installation solutions including: Solid timber floors, engineered (wide) oak floors, floating floors, staircases, decking, parquetry, vinyl planks, skirting boards and timber beading, finishing trims, acoustic systems and moisture barriers. Our specialty suppliers enable us to offer a large selection of materials and finishes to achieve the result you are after. Contact us to discuss your needs in detail.

Sanding & Polishing

Sanding and polishing is great for finishing new floors and also for restoring existing floors to their former glory. Our craftsmen utilise years of experience and the latest equipment to create outstanding results. A large number of finishes are available to suit a range of aesthetic tastes and protective requirements, contact us to discuss your needs.

Restoration & Maintenance

Restoration or repair can add value or simply restore function to a damaged floor (only the most severe cases requiring replacement). We can repair/replace floor boards, joists and bearers, parquetry, stairs and all components of timber flooring.

Proper care and maintenance of your timber flooring can also make a huge difference to both its appearance and longevity. Not sure how best to maintain your flooring? We are happy to offer advice, or simply take care of it for you.

Subfloor Preparation

Subfloor preparation is often overlooked, but contributes to the quality and longevity of the flooring. We are able to provide the following services as needed: Concrete sealing, concrete slab levelling, installation/levelling of battens, plywood and yellow tongue installation, joist repair and installation. Good preparation creates the foundation for a stable and long lasting floor.

Timber Flooring in Rozelle


Flooring is our prestigious enterprise:

It is safe to say that you are revamping your home, or simply thinking of reviving your timber floorings? You can change your home or workspace with the Floor Installers group without any difficulty.  From the underlying statement to the fitting and completing of your timber flooring in Rozelle, Floor Installers has the perfect solution.

Call us for a free quote, or a visit with our expert counsel. We have endeavored to win our standing; we work similarly hard as it is difficult to keep our commitments and customer guarantees. 

Locate your ideal timber flooring in rozelle solution at Floor Installer. We would be happy to cover your floorings with our furnishings.

Installation of Floor Installers Flooring:

We execute different and varied types of flooring as per your budget and requirements:

Bamboo: Bamboo is the 'green' decision regarding wood flooring because of a huge inventory of this quickly inexhaustible asset. Bamboo not just looks wonderful. It is also very tough and adaptable; settling on it is wise for a careful spending plan. Bamboo flooring never looks modest.

Timber Flooring: If you would like to cover your floorings, or redo the floorings then contact Floor Installers -the best cover flooring approach. Timber floors and timber floor sanding and polishing  is not just strong and simple to keep up; they likewise come in such countless styles and sizes, permitting you to get innovative and plan your floors accordingly. 

Engineered Timber: Besides bringing the glow and excellence of strong wood, on account of its astute development, designed timber flooring is amazingly intense and sturdy, thus appropriate for both domestic and business conditions, enhancing your property. 

Laminate: If you're searching for a reasonable, strong and simple to look after floor, that likewise resists wear and tear, scratches and moisture, at that point look no further. Laminate wood flooring has numerous focal points and can imitate hardwood flooring without the heavy sticker price.

Skirting: Skirting boards will bridge the gaps and complete the appearance of your new flooring. Coordinating skirting can contemplate whether you are uncertain what is ideal for your home or workspace. At that point, offer us a call for guidance on ideal alternatives to suit you and your financial plan. 

Vinyl Plank Flooring: Vinyl flooring can offer an option compared to conventional earthenware flooring and have likewise been intended to look like record and wood floors. When appropriately introduced, vinyl flooring can be effortlessly eliminated and supplanted at your place. Vinyl plank flooring is introduced board by board and is intended to take after hardwood, making a characteristic timber look. Hard-wearing, clean and water-safe, vinyl board flooring is an incredible choice for occupied spaces without genuine wood’s sticker prices. 

Our Ultimate Floor Care:

Our Exclusive Floor Care Guide for Bamboo, Engineered Timber, Laminate and Vinyl Flooring.:

An ideal approach to lessen timber flooring cleaning is to forestall soil and coarseness coming into your home. Coarseness acts like sandpaper, eliminating the completion from your floor. Chemicals from black-top can be followed in on the lower part of shoes and onto your floor, making it yellow.

You can save yourself cleaning time, and your new timber flooring, by essentially putting mats inside and outside your outside entryways, or eliminating footwear through and across your flooring. Following our simple cleaning guide underneath, will add life span to your new floor. 

Contact us today for your complete timber flooring, booking a free consultation or for a free quote. We would be delighted and pleased to offer you our exceptional service delivery.


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